IKEA hack: gold-accented KASSETT storage boxes

IKEA’s KASSETT boxes are simply incredible for people with limited storage space as is the case in our home. The boxes are available in black and white, come in four sizes ― ranging from quite large (13″ x 15″ x 11 3/4″) to rather small (6 1/4″ x 10 1/4″ x 6″) ― and feature lovely metallic hardware. Oh, did I forget to mention that they are insanely cheap, too? They range from $3.99 to $9.99 for a set of two boxes.

I first fell in love with these boxes when we used four of the large ones (stacked two and two) to organize our enormous collection of DVDs. After some reconfiguring, we decided to house two of them in a small KALLAX shelving unit as they fit the unit perfectly.

In my seemingly endless pursuit to decorate our guest room, I realized that the medium KASSETT boxes ($6.99 for two) were the right size to fill a rather awkward shelving space we have above a built-in desk. I wasn’t initially sure the boxes would fit but the second-largest box size features the ability to turn the box either way (with the long-side or short-side facing out) as the hardware fits either side.

KASSETT Box with lid IKEA Perfect for newspapers, photos or other memorabilia.
KASSETT Boxes with lids. Photo: IKEA.

The only problem I had with the boxes (in terms of making them match the room) was that the silver hardware clashed as the metallic accent color in our guest room is gold. Since I was planning to use 12 of these boxes together, I realized that I would have to find a way to make the hardware gold. After a bit of thought, I figured it would be easiest to use gold spray paint on the separate box-front hardware and just use a gold Sharpie to color in the hardware on the pre-assembled tops.

To make sure the top hardware was colored in as cleanly as possible, I decided to use painter’s tape to keep myself from inevitably messing up.

Since I was dealing with 12 boxes, I decided to only fill in the accents on the box tops portions which were exposed (even I couldn’t even rationalize why I’d need to do every side).


KASSETT box with lid from IKEA (sets of two – $3.99 to $9.99)
Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers (set of two – $2.50)
― painter’s tape (I used ScotchBlue .94-inch Painter’s Tape – $5)
Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint in gold ($12)
― drop cloth or newspaper


Start by spreading out a drop cloth or newspaper in your work area (outdoors would be best). Shake your spray paint according to the directions (this is important) and arrange the unattached front hardware pieces on your covered area.


Use the spray paint to fully coat the hardware. Make sure you spray paint both sides to assure complete coverage.

 photo C02A9F5E-3595-4CA4-8A00-D85CC3CA387C_zpsqnvxmgyo.jpg
(I forgot to take a photo of the original 10 I painted at once!)


Get out your painter’s tape and align it so that only the metallic box top edge is exposed. Depending on where and how you’re using your box, you may only need to color in one or two sides (whichever sides are exposed).


Color in the hardware using a metallic Sharpie.

 photo 542ED448-FB86-43B8-B98A-D78E29520A70_zpsxqeuxtin.jpg


Proceed by following IKEA’s instructions, first inserting the newly-painted hardware (which should dry for at least 2 hours), and construct the bottom portions of the KASSETT boxes. (Note: Each box bottom takes only a few minutes to construct.)


Remove the painter’s tape very slowly or you risk the possibility of tearing the paper coating on the box tops.


Add the box tops to the bottom and voila ― you have new beautifully accented boxes!

 photo 1879D03E-8506-44AE-8A48-8ECB9AEC548F_zpsy5blkk8u.jpg

 photo C1323D1A-B3EF-426E-8170-F61F79C0411B_zpswu4fdsei.jpg

Although I had hoped to fit four boxes across on the top shelf, I found that although the box bottoms would fit, they did not when the tops were added. I’m going to find a better way to decorate the empty spaces on these shelves (I’m thinking of putting a vase with faux-flowers in the upper empty space). I still need one more box to fully complete the shelves, but I’m very pleased with how the boxes turned out!


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