IKEA hack: easy ‘paint-dipped’ CYLINDER vases

The CYLINDER three vase set is easily one of IKEA‘s best home decor buys. I absolutely love the way it looks with all three vases stacked inside the others, as shown below.

 photo FD921E78-2CF6-4B73-B8E0-28B579A1405F_zpsfdcmsyyq.jpg
CYLINDER Vase, set of three. Photo: IKEA.

I’ve always wanted to incorporate the above formation of the CYLINDER vases in our home, but until this week, I wasn’t exactly sure where I would put them. After realizing that the gold-accented KASSETT boxes I used for the desk shelves in our guest bedroom didn’t fit exactly as I had hoped, I was left with a rather sizable empty space on the top shelf. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to utilize the CYLINDER vases.

I had always wanted to use the SMYCKA artificial orchids with the CYLINDER vase set (they’re the perfect size), but I had reservations about the flowers as they didn’t look too great in person. This wasn’t much of a surprise as they are from IKEA and they are fake, but I initially blew them off as I feared they looked too much like faux flowers.
SMYCKA Artificial flower IKEA Lifelike artificial flower that remain just as fresh-looking and beautiful year after year.

SMYCKA Artificial orchid flowers. Photo: IKEA.

Since I now planned to use the flowers up high (where no one could closely examine them), they were perfect for what I needed.

The only problem I had now was that I wanted to add some interest to the vases, and found a way to do so while also hiding their ugly fake stems. I decided to “dip-dye” them, which actually meant I would use painter’s tape and spray paint the bottom portion (trust me, this is much easier and the results are the exact same).

The room is rather beach/nautical-themed so I decided the best color for me was a periwinkle blue, although you can choose to use any color you likeI personally love the combination of shiny glass and satin, flat or matte paint (as opposed to gloss paint), so I made sure to use ‘Satin Touch’ spray paint for my project.


CYLINDER vases, set of three from IKEA ($14.99)
― spray paint (I used Krylon ‘Satin Touch’ Decorator Spray Paint in Periwinkle – $7)
― thin painter’s tape (I used 3M Scotch 1/8-inch Curves Tape – $5)
― regular painter’s tape (I used ScotchBlue .94-inch Painter’s Tape – $5)
― plastic wrap
― drop cloth or newspaper
― rubber band (I actually used a hair tie)
― measuring tape


Take the widest, shortest vase in the CYLINDER set and put your rubber band around it, placing slightly higher than you want your vase ‘dipped.’


Use the measuring tape to measure the distance between the rubber band and the top of the vase. Go around the vase and make sure the rubber band is at the exact right distance from the top, ensuring an even line.


Apply the thin painter’s tape directly underneath the rubber band, making sure not to move it in any way (otherwise you’ll have an uneven line).

 photo 65C49436-920C-463F-ACEA-A288D684919A_zpspp1mhqih.jpg


Now that you’ve aligned the painter’s tape with the rubber band, cut enough plastic wrap to go around the portion of the vase you do not want painted. Align a strip of the regular painter’s tape along the bottom of the plastic wrap sheet. Tape the plastic wrap directly on top of the thin painter’s tape (make sure the wrap goes all the way around or you’ll have problems) and put the excess wrap into the vase.

 photo 4CBF8B51-C1E7-4E16-B8B8-9B91E72DEF58_zps2rxa2gi8.jpg


Before the big spray-painting moment, make sure you shake your can exactly as directed. Skipping this step and not shaking your paint enough can completely ruin a project.

Also make sure you spread out newspaper or a drop cloth on the ground where you plan to use the spray paint. I recommend at least a 3-foot by 3-foot covering, even for a small vase.


With your vase upside-down, use the spray paint on the uncovered portion of your vase. Make sure you spray it from a distance of at least 10 inches or you will end up with drip spots (these are a huge pain to fix, so be sure to follow the directions on the can).

If you need to apply several coats (I did), wait a few minutes between each one.

 photo 43CA82B4-0063-46E5-B230-C1D22E47873C_zpsyvs4ajgc.jpg


Wait at least 5 hours for the paint to dry before you remove the tape and cover from the vase. Be very careful when you peel the tape as you can accidentally cause paint to flake off in the process, leading to an uneven paint line.

 photo 0106EAAD-271D-465E-AFAB-73B6D932E302_zpsmsfoufmb.jpg

 photo 32FB1222-B5C8-441B-830B-14EEFF42349B_zps9aqdm725.jpg

Overall, I thought this DIY project was quite easy and my vase turned out exactly as I wanted. Although I’ve never tried the dipping-objects-directly-into-paint method, I can’t imagine it’s quite as simple or foolproof. If you are looking for a different color or sheen, I think matte white paint would look fabulous against the shine of these beautiful vases.

I came up empty when looking for the flowers I wanted from IKEA, but ended up buying some pretty nifty pink ‘flowers’ (made of dried leaves) as a temporary alternative. I actually love the ‘flowers’ but they don’t exactly work with this vase, so I’m hoping to return and find my faux-orchids this week.


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