IKEA hack: gold and marble VITTSJÖ nesting tables

Although I’ve acquired almost everything I need for our guest/cat room, I still felt like the space was missing something. After a bit of thinking (and measuring and floor-planning), I finally decided the room desperately needed a coffee table to fill the large space in the center of the room.

I had found an incredible hack on The Hunted Interior a few months back and it’s had me lusting after the VITTSJÖ nesting tables from IKEA.
 photo vittsjotables_zps5b9b0b17.jpg
VITTSJÖ Nesting Tables. Photo: IKEA.

As I had already used gold spray paint and marble contact paper to upgrade a C-table from Coaster (very similar to IKEA’s VITTSJÖ Laptop table) for the guest room, I had all the supplies I needed to do the same with the nesting tables.

I set off to paint the metal portion in gold and use marble contact paper on the lower shelf (leaving the top glass shelves clear).


― VITTSJÖ Nesting tables from IKEA ($59.99)
― gold spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint – $11 a can)
― marble contact paper (I used Con-Tact Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner in Marble White – $6 for a 18 inch by 9 foot sheet)
― drop cloth (I used Warp Bros. Super Heavy-Duty Drop Cloth – $10)


Build the nesting tables according to IKEA’s instructions, except you will keep the top glass shelves and bottom shelf insert separate. This should take about 20 to 30 minutes.


Spread out your drop cloth (outdoors is best to help you avoid breathing paint fumes) and gently wipe down the tables with a damp paper towel.


Before using your spray paint, make sure you follow the directions on the can and shake it very well. This is important.


Use the spray paint to fully coat your tables. Make sure you spray from a distance of around 10 inches to ensure smooth application.

 photo A92ED22D-0F01-4392-9E76-B3A682549FBC_zpsvetf6z49.jpg


While waiting for your tables to dry, trace the shelf on your contact paper and add 1/2 inch (larger than the actual shelf) on each side. Cut the contact paper according to your measurements. You will cut out a small square at each corner so that you can fold the contact paper around the shelf edge.


Remove the backing from the contact paper. Start by aligning the inside corner of the cut-out squares with the very tip of the corners on one short side of the bottom shelf. Use a ruler or straight-edge to steadily push out bubbles during application. Carefully fold the remaining short edges of the contact paper around each side of the shelf.


Once the paint on your tables is completely dry (wait at least 8 hours), complete the piece by installing the top glass shelves and bottom “marble” shelf according to IKEA’s instructions.

 photo 5141A72D-3198-4868-BCF2-739A820D6183_zpsoyyf35sn.jpg
 photo AE77C051-802C-4DF7-A0E3-2AD3AED3DCF3_zpsxivilg5u.jpg

The large empty space in the center of our guest room is truly the ideal location for these tables and they really help tie the room together. They are actually the perfect accompaniment to the C-shaped side table next to our daybed (which is also painted gold with a faux-marble contact paper covering on top) as well as the numerous gold-accented pieces around the room.

I bought an adorable marble tic-tac-toe set ($29.95) from Crate & Barrel to adorn the smaller table top (I’ll update the photo when it arrives). A petite potted faux-plant (FEJKA Artificial potted plant, $3.99, in a KARDEMUMMA Plant pot, $1.49) and several books, including Damien Hirst by Ann Gallagher, The Portable Magritte by Robert Hughes and The Photography Book, were just perfect for completing the lower shelf.

I may ultimately redecorate these tables, but for now, I think they look pretty good, especially considering they’re in the cat/guest room that few people ever go in to.


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