10 best IKEA products for the money

As someone who spends far too much time looking at IKEA products online [and subsequently buying them at our Houston-area store], I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about in terms of which IKEA products are simply the best. For stylish and affordable modern home goods, there really is no place like IKEA. Whether it’s a stainless steel trash can or a mutli-functional daybed, I’ve got you covered with the absolute best IKEA has to offer.

 photo ikea2_zps2c80e59c.gif
Photos: IKEA.

1. ÅFJÄRDEN Towel [$4.99 to $14.99] – As the best IKEA offers, the ÅFJÄRDEN towels are both remarkably attractive and affordable. The textured grid design gives them a uniquely modern feel and they are very absorbent and plush. Available in washcloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.

2. EIVOR Throw [$19.99] – The black-and-white striped EIVOR throw is both incredibly stylish and functional. Place this graphic beauty on your sofa or bed and transform your room with this bold woven throw.

3. BRIMNES Daybed frame with 2 drawers [$249.00] – The BRIMNES daybed frame with two drawers is probably the most useful piece of furniture ever created. Whether it’s serving as a twin bed, pulled out to make a king bed or just as seating, this thing is truly amazing. With two twin bed mattresses [two MOSHULT foam mattresses are only $158] on top, simply pull out the underframe and you’ve got yourself a king-sized bed. The daybed, also available in black, is perfect for guest rooms with limited space.

4. HOVET Mirror [$129.00] – For a 30 3/4″ x 77 1/8″ mirror [that is huge], you really can’t beat the HOVET. It’s white surround and impressive size make it ideal for use as decoration in a living room or bedroom. The piece comes with hardware so that it can be mounted, as well.

5. FICUS LYRATA Fiddle-leaf fig [$12.99] – This 32″ tall fiddle-leaf ficus is almost too good to believe. With a $12.99 price tag, I’d challenge you to find a better looking plant for less. It’s lush leaves and medium height make it great for bringing a bit of the outdoors to any room. Perfect for use as an indoor plant as long as it’s placed in a bright spot.

6. SÄVERN Trash basket [$24.99] – If you’re looking for a stylish, modern trash can for your bathroom, look no further. At $24.99, it’s IKEA’s most expensive small waste bin, but it’s worth every penny. With a flip-top design and sleek stainless steel construction, the SÄVERN trash basket is a real stunner.

7. RANARP Floor/reading lamp [$59.99] – The RANARP floor lamp is one of IKEA’s best-looking pieces. At only $59.99, it’s honestly a steal with it’s white and brass hardware and black-and-white cord cover.

8. KARDEMUMMA Plant pot [$1.49 to $19.99] – IKEA’s KARDEMUMMA plant pots are extremely versatile in addition to being quite stark and beautiful. Available in a number of different patterns and sizes, the simple white pots look great indoors and out. Perfect for using with FEJKA artificial plants if you want to add a touch of green to an interior room.

9. SODERHAMN Sofa and chaise lounge [$899.00] – The SODERHAMN sofa and chaise lounge combination in Isefall light turquoise is simply stunning. The modern, deep-seated design, soft color and chic metal legs truly make the SODERHAMN a winner. Major selling points: the removable, replaceable cover and the under-$1,000 price tag.

10. RIBBA Frame [$1.99 to $24.99] –RIBBA frames are perhaps the most useful items IKEA sells. Ranging from small desk photo frames to massive wall frames, you really can’t beat them for the price [a 27 ½” x 39 ¼” frame is only $24.99]. Not only that, but they come in several colors: white, black, aluminum, high-gloss gray and medium brown. Although the mats in the frames may not fit all print sizes, it’s far cheaper to buy or make a custom mat than buying a pre-matted frame.

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