in the beginning

So until recently, I had never even considered trying my hand at a ‘do-it-yourself’ project. This ‘self’ has been pretty incompetent at just about any remotely creative project I’ve attempted so far (albeit it’s been years since I’ve tried).

For background, I entered the relationship with my now-husband with literally zero furniture. None whatsoever. My husband had a mattress and a (beat up) sofa. Over the last four years we’ve accumulated a number of pieces, although most of them are from IKEA (I don’t mind, I absolutely love IKEA ― where else can you get modern, European-designed furniture for next to nothing? ).

We got married and moved into a much larger apartment than I’ve ever lived in before. Moving into a larger place is great, but it means you have to decorate a lot of new space. I gleefully accepted the challenge and began insanely planning out our dream apartment (on our budget, of course). As a student and part-time contributor to a local online publication, I’m not exactly swimming in money so buying a new piece of furniture (even one from IKEA) is a significant expense.

After getting a little too obsessed with using (AKA the most addictive website of all time) to plan out every tiny detail of our apartment I realized we would need to spend some serious money to finish decorating our place the way I wanted. Never the one to give up on what I want, I explored alternatives and ended up looking at DIY projects on Pinterest and Apartment Therapy. There I found some truly inspiring projects that legitimately seemed doable (even by someone like me).

Although I may not post with as much frequency as I’d like, I hope to shed some light on the DIY projects I undertake and that even those with little to no experience in creative projects can accomplish them, too. If you ever have a question about any of the posts, feel free to email me at

Happy decorating!

Elizabeth Rhodes head shot column mug December 2013


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